Cabaret Biarritz
Original title: Cabaret Biarritz

Cabaret Biarritz

Original title: Cabaret Biarritz

Georges Miet writes bestsellers for the French publishers La Fortune, until one day his editor asks him to write a ‘serious’ novel about the tragic events that shook the vibrant city of Biarritz in the summer of 1925. After a terrible storm, a young man’s body appears tied to a ring at the docks. Miet goes to the city to interview over thirty people from different social classes who had some connection to the young man. As he gathers their accounts, Miet discovers that the police and the judge just wanted to close the case as quickly as possible and that the facts were only uncovered by the work of the journalist Paul Villequeau and the photographer Galet with the help of the bewitching beauty Beatrix Ross, Villequeau’s childhood love.

A fun, choral and rich mystery novel, a work that, through the investigation of a crime, depicts a society in upheaval where rigid social norms are coming under pressure during a free and deliciously vital period.  

A genuine revelation. A literary comedy set in the effervescent Biarritz of the 20s.

“A good, surprising and very amusing story reminiscent of Mendoza and the truth about the Savolta case.” Lorenzo Silva

Nadal Prize 2015

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Editura Trei (Rumania), Neri Pozza (Italy), Denoël (France).  

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Publishing date: | 456 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-4928-9 | Imprint: Ediciones Destino