Côte d'Azur
Original title: Costa Azul

Côte d'Azur

Original title: Costa Azul

July 1956. Belgian Prime Minister Achille van Acker has it all organized: he has taken the necessary measures so that citizens enjoy 12 weeks off, and he already has his little lake house ready where he plans to spend an idyllic vacation. However, an unexpected threat looms over this impeccable plan. Nothing less than one that can shake the foundations on which the pillars of the State rest: the monarchy itself.

According to rumors throughout the country, from the hairdressers to the official offices, the young King Baudouin, shy and single, is having an affair with his stepmother Lilian de Rethy. There is no certainty, but there are worrying signs. The situation becomes critical when the two suspects make a trip to the French Riviera. The minister, to the immense chagrin of his wife, will have to postpone his plans and organize an entire espionage mission, sending his best secret super-agent, the ineffable Pierlot, to Nice.

In principle, nothing can go wrong, and yet the mission turns into sheer nonsense when, in Pierlot's well-laid out plan to spy on the royal couple, an aristocratic woman, as beautiful as she is intriguing, comes across.

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In Côte d'Azur we will visit the most wonderful corners of the French Riviera. With the author's expert eye on great photographic articles, we will stroll the streets of Nice, eat in charming trattorias, stay in charming little hotels in Tuscany, and attend mask dances in wonderful palaces. 

A delicious novel about unexpected situations that cause inevitable encounters...because many times, improvisation is not just the only remedy, but also the best. 

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Hermes (Bulgaria), Thiele (Germany).

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Publishing date: | 296 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-5881-9 | Imprint: Espasa

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