Original title: Democracia


Original title: Democracia

The same day that Lehman Brothers collapses, Marco is fired. His tragedy is no worse than that of millions of people, but the blow is nevertheless shocking and unexpected. One day he starts to write out verses on the walls and streets of the city. Marco is sought out by three young anarchists and together they form an anti-system committee to infiltrate demonstrations and convert them into battlefields against the police.

Democracia also tells the tale of George Soros, the economist and speculator who won a huge fortune during the financial bubble but converted himself into a modern guru.

The two stories come together when Marcos visits Soros as a disciple in an attempt to find his path in life.

Democracia is the inside story of simulated prosperity and the portrayal of a financial meltdown which destroyed hundreds of thousands of anonymous lives like Marco’s.

“For his narrative power, ability to mix dramatic situations with a sense of humour and his skill at portraying the adolescent world lyrically but truly... for precisely conjuring the literary beauty necessary to capture the reader’s attention,” Jury for the Ojo Crítico Prize.

“Intelligent and brutal, skilful and occasionally with incredible brilliance... the language is soaked in icy brutality... Pablo Gutiérrez has eloquence and plotting talent to spare, and he is always able to balance it with superlative invention.” Fernando Castanedo, Babelia.

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Publishing date: | 240 pages | ISBN: 978-84-322-1007-5 | Imprint: Seix Barral

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