The Poor Man's Lawyer
Original title: El abogado de pobres

The Poor Man's Lawyer

Original title: El abogado de pobres

Jerez de la Frontera, 1752: the city is captivated by the trial of a young man for a series of gruesome murders. Nobody is in any doubt as to the guilt of the accused, an orphan no-one much cares about. No-one, that is, except for the ‘poor man’s lawyer’, paid for by the council, the young Pedro Alemán y Camacho.

An idealist weighed down by his weaknesses and limitations, Pedro has just amazed the people of Jerez with his closing arguments for two cases that seemed lost. Faced with the biggest challenge of his career, can he make sure that justice is done?

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Premio Abogados de Novela 2014 winner.

“Solid historical research, ambitious writing, a captivating story and character, and an original view of the legal office.” LORENZO SILVA

This novel won the 5th Premio Abogados de Novela and was lauded by the jury for its “Originality in combining a marvellous plot with impeccable historical research. The author has masterfully combined his legal experience and his knowledge of the history of Spain.”

An exquisite setting, richly drawn characters, an increasingly intriguing and complex plot, an exciting historical context, a pacy rhythm that keeps up right to the end and a protagonist seeking redemption make for a complete work based on a little-known historical event: the looting of Spanish art by rich British collectors in the 18th Century.

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Publishing date: | 536 pages | ISBN: 978-84-270-4115-8 | Imprint: Ediciones Martínez Roca

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