The Book of Portals
Original title: El Libro de los Portales
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The Book of Portals

Original title: El Libro de los Portales

There are no barriers to those who dare to look beyond the everyday.

The painters at the Academy of Portals are the only ones who know how to draw the extraordinary transporter portals that make up the most important communications and transport network in Darusia. Their rigid regulations and exhaustive training ensure impeccable professionalism and technical perfection in all their work. When Tabit, a student in his last year at the Academy is assigned the job of painting a portal for a humble farmer, he has no idea that he’s about to find himself involved in a plot full of intrigues and secrets that could rock the institution to its foundations.

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Minotauro presents the latest novel by Laura Gallego, the winner of the National Prize for Children’s and Youth Literature and leading Spanish fantasy writer.

The new novel by Laura Gallego has all the elements that her readers expect to find: adolescent and charismatic characters, adventures, a mystery to be solved, characters from different places and social classes, friendship and love.

Laura is an expert at creating worlds as fantastic as the biggest writers in the genre but a special focus on love and personal relationships develops as the characters express their feelings, insecurities, doubts and disappointments etc.

The work of Laura Gallego has been translated into over sixteen languages throughout the world.

Her last novel, Donde los árboles cantan (2011) has sold over 100,000 copies.

Rights sold

Dreams (Poland), Columna (Catalan).

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Publishing date: | 496 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-0130-1 | Imprint: Minotauro