The Sea of Free Men
Original title: El mar de los hombres libres
Andrés Vidal

The Sea of Free Men

Original title: El mar de los hombres libres

Andrés Vidal


Struggling to forget a past of lies and fleeing from himself, Cristophe Marchand crosses the seas as a soldier in Napoleon Bonaparte's army. Once the French imperial expeditions are over, Cristophe becomes a corsair, a shipwreck victim, a westerner adopted by natives and a husband to a young woman from the tribe.

Later, he returns to his village to work in the biscuit business he started out in when he was a child. But the eternal hatred of Alexandre Basset will not let up and Cristophe must face up to his past with the woman he never forgot and the rising of a hungry people seeking justice.

Highlights The Sea of Free Men


In Napoleon's France, a young man will become the voice of his people, and will rise up to defend the honour of a nation.

Andrés Vidal once more hits the mark with his “trademark ingredients”: exhaustive documentation, passionate characters and plenty of action.

An epic adventure novel that hops between genres: historical and adventure novels, told with a skilful, entertaining, and addictive text with all the hallmarks of a bestseller.

Real characters appear in the novel, such as Napoleon, Robespierre, etc. which lend colour and realism to an age full of great names.

The world of pirates is fascinating; their lives were real-life adventure films.

Option publishers

Albatros (Poland).

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Publishing date: | 608 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-11499-4 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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