Country of Fear
Original title: El país del miedo

Country of Fear

Original title: El país del miedo

The main protagonist of El país del miedo is a man who lives in fear. Not a paralysing or hysterical fear, but a constant, underlying foundation of angst that is always present. He is afraid that his son is going to be kidnapped, his wife raped. He is afraid of street gangs, of violent teenagers, of the desperate, the envious, of those who threaten the comfortable middle class that he belongs to. He knows that his fear is exaggerated, even unfounded. He knows that the sensation of insecurity is actually a smokescreen to hide other, more profound forms of fear. His fear, previously secondary, has now become a central aspect of his existence after he becomes involved in a situation of conflict: a situation that could have been solved in a simple way, which becomes complicated becaus of his incapacity to take decisions without fear. Ultimately, he must undertake a search for a way to escape his fears.

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Film rights sold to: Tragaluz Estudio de Artes Escénicas.

El país del miedo studies the origin of the fear of the everyday, the way that fiction propagates fear to turn it into a system of domination, forcing us to accept abusive forms of protection as our fearful reactions generate even more insecurity.


Fundación José Manuel Lara Hernández’ 8th Award for the Best Novel of the year.

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Christian Bourgois (France), Gran Via (Italy), Wereldbibliotheek (The Netherlands), Klett-Cotta (Germany), Planeta Manuscrito (Portugal), Utopija (Serbia), Olma Media Group (Russia), Disput (Croatia). 

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Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-322-0985-7 | Imprint: Booket

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