The Dream of the Gods
Original title: El sueño de los dioses
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The Dream of the Gods

Original title: El sueño de los dioses

Long ago, the god Tubilok explored the dimensions of time and space, and in his search for absolute power and knowledge he lost his mind. For centuries he has slept in the rock, but now he awakes from his millennia-old sleep, ready to annihilate humanity and spread madness and destruction throughout the land of Tramórea. Both voluntarily and by coercion, the rest of the gods accompany him in his demented crusade. Only the three wizards of Kalagorinôr remain, ‘the ones who wait for the gods’. To confront this threat they will need the help of the great sword masters. This time, Derguín and Kratos will have to take their war to surprising places. On doing so, they will discover the truth about their past and our future, and discover the secrets hidden in the three mons and the depths of Tramórea. Thousands of years after being forged, the Sword of Fire will face its decisive battle. But Zemalnit's weapon will not be alone...

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The Spanish fantasy author par excellence

More than 80,000 copies of his books sold in Spain.

Javier Negrete touches many different literary genres and he seems to work moved by his inspiration.

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Publishing date: | 496 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-0019-9 | Imprint: Booket

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