Come Into My Life
Original title: Entra en mi vida
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Come Into My Life

Original title: Entra en mi vida

In the eighties, when Verónica is 9 years old, she finds an old wallet of her father's containing a photograph of a girl she has never seen before, a photo about which she intuitively senses she shouldn't ask questions... Seeing her mother's sadness and the arguments and silences at home she has always felt that there was something in the family that no-one wanted to talk about. Years later, the death of her mother thrusts the adolescent Veronica face to face with a past of which she is almost completely unaware, a stolen past that will take her closer and closer to the girl in the photograph in a one way search, the outcome of which Verónica couldn't possibly expect. A portentous secret and lost life will guide Verónica on a path towards a difficult to understand and, as she soon comes to realize, increasingly dangerous truth.

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Two years after winning the Premio Nadal and her subsequent success both in Spain and across the world, Clara Sánchez presents her latest novel.

The author exceeded all expectations in 2010, and her successful career has seen her sell over 150,000 copies to Spanish readers. Translation of her work is underway in over 15 countries, it was published in Italy in 2011 where sales exploded until she became a genuine reading phenomenon, her book reaching the top of the bestseller charts on the first week. It has sold over 300,000 copies to date.

A Hitchcockian atmosphere, created with circles of psychological oppression which create genuine nervousness and fear.

An effective combination of two narratives, one set in the past and one in the present; and two alternating voices which help the reader to delve further into different aspects of the story.

Rights sold

Garzanti (Italy), Marabout (France), De Bezige Bij (The Netherlands), Hemiro (Russia), Lesbok (Iceland), Znak (Poland), Keter Books (Israel), Park (Hungary), Pegasus (Turkey).

Option publishers

Alma Books (English rights), Materia Prima Ediçoes (Portugal), Planeta Brasil (Brazil), Colibri (Bulgaria), Dudaj (Albania), Utopija (Serbia).

International editions

Technical data

Publishing date: | 480 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-2517-7 | Imprint: Ediciones Destino

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