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Ethics For Machines
Original title: Ética para máquinas

Ethics For Machines

Original title: Ética para máquinas

We already live in another reality. Any concept of ethics needs to address this new stage: our relationship with intelligent machines. The appearance of advanced artificial intelligence calls into question human beings’ intellectual superiority, our essence, our place in life. This extraordinary book proposes a reflection on the ethics for these new intelligent machines that are passing us by. They will take decisions for us and govern us. Our responsibility is now to leave them with a good legacy: the human one.

Thanks to the evolution of technology, we have learned to live with machines that are physically stronger than us, and capable of complex calculations beyond our intellectual abilities. But the appearance of artificial intelligence demands a new ethics for our time. Many people prefer not to think about this uncertain future. When their universe changes, they will try to adapt. Neither now nor later will they manage to understand what is happening. That is a shame. Understanding is perhaps the greatest victory a human being can feel.

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Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-344-2965-9 | Imprint: Editorial Ariel

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