Happy Ending
Original title: Feliz final
Category: Fiction

Happy Ending

Original title: Feliz final
Category: Fiction

This novel reconstructs a great love story beginning with its end, the story of a couple who, like so many others, fell in love, lived a dream, had children and fought against everything - against themselves and against the elements, uncertainty, precariousness, jealousy -, they struggled not to give up, and fell several times. When love ends, the question arises: where did it all go wrong, how did we end up like this?

A relentless autopsy of the desires, expectations and mistakes of a loving relationship, in which deeply rooted resentments, lies and misunderstandings emerge, but also many happy moments.

In this novel, Isaac Rosa tackles a universal theme, love, from the many conditioning factors that make it difficult today: precariousness and uncertainty, vital dissatisfaction, the interferences of desire, the imagery of love in fiction... For indeed, it’s possible that love, as it’s been describe to us, is a luxury we can’t always afford.

With an absolutely original and forceful narrative voice, Isaac Rosa has earned the respect of critics and the public: the Fundación José Manuel Lara Prize; the Rómulo Gallegos Prize; the Ojo Crítico de Narrativa Prize; the Andalusia Critics’ Prize.

Highlights Happy Ending


The book begins with the breakup and ends with the happiest moment, the initial falling in love.


Love is a luxury we can’t always afford.

“Fascination, abandoning oneself to enjoyment, the intense reflections aroused by reading, are all here.” Fernando Aramburu

“In the hands of Isaac Rosa, the novel acquires universal value.” Martine Silber, Le Monde.

Rights sold

Christian Bourgois (France), Liebeskind (Germany), Einaudi (Italy). Audiovisual rights optioned to: Lamia Producciones.

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Publishing date: | 344 pages | ISBN: 978-84-322-3455-2 | Imprint: Seix Barral

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