Genius Mind
Original title: Genial Mente

Genius Mind

Original title: Genial Mente

The theory of multiple intelligences asserts that there are eight different types of intelligences within all of us. In other words: there are no children who are more intelligent than others, just children who have greater and lesser quantities of one or another kind of intelligence.

Genius has prepared 48 exciting challenges asking younger readers to write, draw, cut out shapes, stick things together, dance, beat the book like a drum, and solve quite unusual problems! At the end of the book, they can discover which tasks they have done best at and which of the 8 intelligences are their strong point.

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DeAPlaneta Libri (Italy), Planeta Manuscrito (Portugal), Nathan (France).

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Publishing date: | 112 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-17569-8 | Imprint: Destino Infantil & Juvenil

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