A Ladies Game
Original title: Juego de damas
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A Ladies Game

Original title: Juego de damas

The enchanting, legendary Lake Como has been the setting for innumerable secret events and mysteries. It has been a silent witness to stories of passion, vengeance, ambition and death. Some are notorious whilst others are fleetingly mentioned on winter afternoons or lost in the dust-filled pages of some forgotten book. And it is in just such a book, over two centuries old, that the young sisters Ventura, Francesca and Claudia, heiresses to one of the most powerful families in the North of Italy, find the story of the indomitable Lady Morgan and her tumultuous love affairs; just the inspiration and encouragement they need to escape from their hated grandmother.

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After Gafas de sol para días de lluvia (25,000 copies sold) and Agua del limonero (46,000 copies sold) Mamen Sánchez is a well-established author.

A magnificent melodrama, which combines two stories of passion and vengeance, united by their location in the evocative and glamorous Lake Como.

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Publishing date: | 340 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-3717-3 | Imprint: Espasa

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