The Clock House
Original title: La casa del reloj

The Clock House

Original title: La casa del reloj

Juan Caller is a very cultured man, an elegant bon vivant who unexpectedly inherits a large fortune from Andrés, the gentlemen for whom he worked during his final years. Among his deceased employer’s possessions is the Clock House, a country home in a remote rural area that previously belonged to the family of Matilde, Andrés’ dead wife. But Andrés’ inheritance also brings some obligations with it: to accept it Caller must agree to live in the house.

Although it isn’t in perfect condition, Juan, who is in his autumn years, decides to agree and retire there. He then hires Benito and Tomás, local builders, to renovate the building and do all the necessary repairs. They are joined by Alfonso, a man shrouded in mystery. 

Juan will start to find out about the love triangle that haunted the lives of Andrés and his brother, both of whom were in love with the same woman. Although at first he keeps an emotional distance towards his discoveries, little by little he finds himself getting involved in a story that blends the past with the present, and will have to decide whether he really wants to be an heir. 

Highlights The Clock House


A novel that reflects on the concept of guilt with magnificent skill.


An incredible cast of characters: exaggerated, eccentric, sensitive... Pombo in his purest form.

Controversial, brilliant and humanist, Pombo is always a safe bet for discerning readers looking for contemporary excellence.

“One of the most extravagant, audacious and playful talents on the contemporary scene,”  Juan A. Masoliver Ródenas, La Vanguardia

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Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-5138-1 | Imprint: Ediciones Destino

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