Court of Deceit
Original title: La corte de los engaños

Court of Deceit

Original title: La corte de los engaños

At the end of 1492, after the conquest of Granada and receiving Christopher Columbus on his return from America, King Fernando is violently attacked and almost killed in Barcelona. Although the presumed suspect; a poor madman who seems to have been acting alone, is quickly caught, the Court is a hive of intrigue and a very sizeable portion of the subjects of the peninsular kingdoms are upset at the decisions taken by their Catholic majesties. These include three women with very different but compelling motives to kill the king.

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“The question won’t be: ‘Who wanted King Fernando dead?’ But: ‘Is there anyone in the Court who didn’t have a reason to kill him?’”

In this book, the true protagonist is a key year in the Spanish history: 1492. It features three fascinating women: Beatriz Galindo, Queen Isabel’s confidante; Catalina D’Alt, a Catalan noblewoman who wants revenge for the harm King Fernando has done to her family; and Sara, a Jew who was a victim of the decree of expulsion.

Luis García Jambrina is one of the most important historical novelists in the country. His novel El manuscrito de piedra won the Premio Ciudad de Zaragoza.

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Publishing date: | 432 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-4831-5 | Imprint: Espasa

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