Cream of the Crop
Original title: La flor y nata

Cream of the Crop

Original title: La flor y nata

-Are you the kind of person whose breast heaves over Jane Austen novels?

-Do you watch Roman Holiday every time it comes on?

-Have you binged on My Family and Other Animals?

Don’t tell me that you aren’t transfixed by those wonderful articles in Hello! magazine. Well, here you have the perfect combination.

The young protagonist of our novel, a green, recently graduated journalist, has grown up among the cream of Spanish society: her father is the owner of the world’s leading and most distinguished Spanish-language magazine.  

Brought up with a mixture of unconditional love, Spanish austerity, Prussian discipline and the surrealism intrinsic to all Spanish families, our young heroine isn’t especially pretty but isn’t ugly either. She is neither short nor tall (short really), is extremely responsible and family-oriented but has an excellent sense of humour and a need to demonstrate her worth to her hyper-protective father. She has the support of her mother and grandmother, and above all her sister, who, like Pippa Middleton, has a key supporting role in the shadows of the novel.

Her first commission is to cover the romance between a young British aristocrat of a long and noble lineage and a spoilt Italian girl.

The job isn’t exactly simple to start off with (it involves dealing with capricious egos, riding a horse, getting stuck in customs with a gorgeous model for Valentino, going duck hunting at dawn, etc. etc.) and things get even more complicated when she falls head over heels in love with the eccentric lord who ‘apparently’ only feels a slight interest in her.  

Along the same lines as Happiness is Tea With You, it offers MUCH MORE charm, originality, fun, tenderness and emotion... 

A winning combination: Mamen Sánchez has put together a STUNNING novel, she has earned the trust of readers and booksellers alike.

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Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-4705-9 | Imprint: Espasa

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