The Missing Word
Original title: La palabra perdida

The Missing Word

Original title: La palabra perdida

The mystery revolves around a tablet of incalculable value: on it is inscribed the formula for eternal youth. Since time immemorial, more or less unscrupulous men have been searching for the tablet and the incredible text engraved upon it.
Ann Carrington, an American History professor and specialist in ancient civilizations, is hired by a Swiss colleague who works for a multinational pharmaceutical company to try and decipher a text from which a word is missing. It is a reproduction of the text from a piece of the ancient stone, but the formula is incomplete.
However, Ann’s work will be much more than an archaeological investigation; it will put her life in danger.

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A historical mystery novel that will transport the reader from a 3500 year old civilization to contemporary Barcelona via Renaissance Rome. With his characteristic skill, Lorenzo de’ Medici mixes real and fictitious characters to create a plot of action and mystery that readers will find both entertaining and illuminating.

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Newton Compton (Italy).

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Publishing date: | 416 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-4709-7 | Imprint: Espasa