The Damned Tribe
Original title: La tribu maldita
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The Damned Tribe

Original title: La tribu maldita

Anar fears for his clan. Their surroundings have become hostile: the animals have disappeared, fruit is running out and several clan members have been eaten by wild beasts. Furthermore, a harsh winter is looming. All the members of the tribe want to emigrate. Except for a few. Among them, Kamu, the leader of the hunters, prefers to wait for the next spring. But Anar, the shaman of the tribe, insists on fleeing to a wonderful land, full of animals, trees and plenty of water. The group will finally abandon their territory in search of the place they so desperately seek, but not everyone will reach it. When they arrive, exhausted and having lost people on the arduous journey, they will find that life is not as easy as they, or the old man, thought.

A hunter who wants to find others like him to form a great tribe; a destructive clan ruled with an iron fist by a blood-thirsty hominid who will do anything to get what he wants; and a small group of Homo heidelbergensis who, after providing shelter to a strange red-headed hominid, find themselves forced to wander from one land to another to survive, are just some of the characters in this epic story in which the depiction of the urge to overcome any obstacle to survive and achieve one’s dreams becomes a monument to the will and endurance of the human being.

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The first novel about the incredible adventure of the first hominids to inhabit the Atapuerca Sierra.

Víctor Fernández Correas is a journalist and writer. His first novel La conspiración de Yuste, sold 7,000 copies with no marketing campaign whatsoever.

«A fascinating portrayal of the lives of our ancestors, a social, human vision of the passions of everyday life and the environment which these hominids experienced.» Eudald Carbonell

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Publishing date: | 480 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9998-094-2 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta