The Final Confidence of the Writer Hugo Mendoza
Original title: La última confidencia del escritor Hugo Mendoza

The Final Confidence of the Writer Hugo Mendoza

Original title: La última confidencia del escritor Hugo Mendoza

The attractive professor of literature, Victor Vega, decides to accept an unusual proposal made to him by the widow of the writer Hugo Mendoza: to investigate whether her husband is still alive, even though his death has been officially certified, and to find out who is sending her a new manuscript by the dead author every 3 of December.

Victor’s inquiry will uncover mysteries that could put his life in danger and he will be accompanied by a beautiful, enigmatic woman with whom he will fall head over heels in love. Paloma, a querulous mathematical expert, and Saint Keyboard, a cloistered monk who is also a computer genius, will also be at Victor’s side in this gripping novel full of intrigue.

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Highlights The Final Confidence of the Writer Hugo Mendoza


An addictive novel that will make you lose all track of time.

Joaquín Camps has masterfully managed to create a plot full of mystery, crime and love, accompanied by their faithful companion: heartbreak. His diverse characters have a disarming strength, forcing the reader to look beyond appearances and deep into themselves.

A writer without a past found drowned in the sea.
An anonymous manuscript sent to his widow every 3rd of December.
An attractive professor leading the investigation.
An enigmatic woman who will turn his world upside down.
What if nothing is what it seems?

For his subject matter, scope and theme, Joaquín Camps could become the Spanish Stieg Larsson.

The novel contains dark family secrets, usurped identities, successful writers, literature professors, mysterious manuscripts, torture...

The magnificent, suspenseful plot is garnished with a degree of humour that on occasions becomes fine irony and at others sordid realism.

The pace is cinematic and addictive, and the simple style means that the novel can be read in a single sitting.

As in Stieg Larsson’s first novel, readers will find the criminal context surprising: child abuse, a sadly topical subject.

This novel will grip readers of crime literature, thrillers, suspense and adventure and mystery bestsellers.

Rights sold

France (Presses de la Cité), Poland (Swiat Ksiazki). Audiovisual rights optioned.

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Publishing date: | 800 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-13711-5 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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