Naked Life
Original title: La vida desnuda

Naked Life

Original title: La vida desnuda

Because all of us were someone’s secret sometime.

It isn’t the best time for Gala when her brother Mauro calls her to tell her their grandmother Rosario is in a hospital and that she doesn’t have much time left. Without hesitating, she decides to go to Madrid to say goodbye to her, never imagining that the trip will force her to realize that nothing in her family is as it seems: despite—or else because of—appearances, they all have a public face they show to the world, a private one for a select few, and a secret one no one knows about. Slowly, Gala will uncover the different layers concealing her parents, her brother Mauro, and her aunt Julia. And through all those discoveries, she will find what she was always looking for and always resisted: unconditional love.

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Azorín Novel Prize 2020

Naked Life, winner of the 2020 Azorín Novel Prize, is Gala’s journey into her family’s secrets. A moving and surprising journey that will make her a different person from the one she was when it began.

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Publishing date: | 288 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-24355-7 | Imprint: Booket

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