The Last Romantics
Original title: Los últimos románticos

The Last Romantics

Original title: Los últimos románticos

A novel about how twists and turns in life sometimes give us a second chance. A novel to help you believe in life.

Irune’s life takes place between her home and the paper factory where she works in an industrial town close to Bilbao. This insecure, somewhat manic hypochondriac manages to face the world when she feels she needs to, and she tries to live in accordance with values society seems to have forgotten. Her circle of friends and acquaintances is reduced to her coworkers, her neighbor, and a train conductor she calls on the sly to ask the timetables of trains she never takes.

When a conflict comes up at the factory, without really knowing how, Irune ends up taking a side. From then on, her life takes an unexpected turn and she finds an opportunity that was awaiting her even though she didn’t realize it.

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The Last Romantics is a hauntingly intimate book written with an elegant style about the dreams that move us to act and the quiet but meaningful life of the inconspicuous among us.

Txani Rodríguez always makes the earth move. She has written a luminous novel, delicate and calm as an earthquake.

Manuel Jabois

Incisive prose that gets its hooks into you without your knowing, then you find out you are passionately wrapped up in it.

Adolfo García Ortega

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Plamar (Bulgaria), Arkadia (Italy), Dergah (Turkey). | Production company: La Claqueta

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Publishing date: | 192 pages | ISBN: 978-84-322-3658-7 | Imprint: Seix Barral