Tomorrow, at Six
Original title: Mañana, a las seis

Tomorrow, at Six

Original title: Mañana, a las seis

Lucía is a woman in crisis who will give up the comfort of a stable life to live at the mercy of her passions; beholden to them as if she were a little girl. Lucía is surrounded by strange characters who watch the universe, waiting for a sign that the world is about to change: a mother preparing for her final farewell, a magical girl searching for sounds in outer space, a meddling cat, a curvy, extremely seductive neighbour, a psychic waitress, a rich boyfriend with a pixelated soul and a man of implacable sexuality, the kind of seducer you only read about in books.

Mañana a las seis is an exciting journey through dreams and fantasies that makes us question the value of what we have. This is a novel of strong emotions and a moving story of family history, friendship and betrayal.

A woman ready to give up everything and surrender to her passions.

A romantic novel with significant erotic content and strong emotions.

With just the right balance between fantasy and realism, an accessible style and direct prose, this first novel by Raquel Sánchez Silva is extremely enticing and will touch many readers’ hearts.

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Publishing date: | 384 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-12628-7 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta

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