Chamber Music
Original title: Música de cámara

Chamber Music

Original title: Música de cámara

Accompanied by her Aunt Inés, a viola and a suitcase filled with memories, Arcadia returns to Barcelona in 1949. The daughter of Republicans living in exile in France, she takes refuge in her passion for music to get herself through the oppressive post-war atmosphere. One day she meets Javier, a promising law student who soon becomes the centre of her life. Together they will overcome every obstacle and objection to their relationship until Arcadia’s free, rebellious personality becomes a social stigma that seals their fate.

Música de cámara is a love story about two young people who don’t just come from different worlds, but ones that are actively in conflict. And it is also the story of a reunion between two lovers in the autumn of 1984 over a long night in which they lose themselves in a lucid, moving reflection on the years that have passed.

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Premio Biblioteca Breve 2013 winner.

“This is a powerful love story that shows great skill in the creation of the female protagonist and the different voices that accompany her. The novel achieves an extraordinary recreation of the post-war atmosphere and the world of those who suffered reprisals by the regime, questioning the impassive, suffocating ways of bourgeois Catalan society of the time and the ambiguities and capitulations during the Transition. This book is destined to occupy an outstanding place in contemporary Spanish fiction.” Jury of the Biblioteca Breve Prize 2013.

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Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-322-1586-5 | Imprint: Seix Barral

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