Poor Manolito
Original title: Pobre Manolito

Poor Manolito

Original title: Pobre Manolito

Second book from the successful Manolito Four-Eyes Series.

For those who see it from the outside, daily life in Carabanchel (Alto) may seem normal, even humdrum, from one day to the next. But when Manolito Four-Eyes tells you about it, the idiosyncrasies of its inhabitants rise spontaneously to the surface, and the effect isn’t always good for the neighborhood’s reputation.

A surprise party winds up with the guest of honor blushing like a tomato, a school outing about recycled art ends when the chaperones take off running, and even when everyone’s cheering for Real Madrid and nothing seems like it could go wrong, there’s still one person who can screw things up big-time. Poor Manolito: good thing his grandfather, his super-grandfather, is always on his side. 

Rights sold

Can Sanat Yayinlari (Turkey). 

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Publishing date: | 208 pages | ISBN: 978-84-322-1498-1 | Imprint: Seix Barral

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