Tesla and the Electricity Conspiracy
Original title: Tesla y la conspiración de la luz

Tesla and the Electricity Conspiracy

Original title: Tesla y la conspiración de la luz

The action in this novel begins in an alternative New York on 17 October, 1931. The ideas of Nikola Tesla, the scientific visionary, have been applied in full: wireless transmission of electricity has allowed for the creation of a new world in which pollution does not exist, energy is free and available to everyone and enormous technological advances have taken place thanks to a system of towers (the Worldwide Network) that can supply every corner of the globe. Edgar, a nineteen year-old young man who wants to be the captain of a great transatlantic liner (an “oceanic”) will find out that a major lie is being perpetrated: Thomas A. Edison is not the true father of this progress, and their real creator languishes in obscurity, living in a hotel room. In fact, he gets involved with an organization seeking to return him to public acclaim, in spite of the tight control banks and industrialists exert on the media. But there is a sub-group of Teslians who want to go further: they are preparing a large scale attack that will cripple the World-wide Network and plunge civilization into chaos. Edgar becomes key to foiling the sabotage, which is planned to coincide with a major funeral for Edison, with heads of state and other major figures from across the world attending.

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The definitive novel about the forgotten genius who lit up the world. A great, very possible adventure.

In recent decades, Nikola Tesla has become a popular icon, featuring in videogames, comics, literature, films, songs, series and thousands of web pages. A Google search of his name comes up with five million results. Skimming through them, one finds a mish-mash of references in which fiction becomes confused with reality.

The novel plays with the historical record (most of the characters in the novel, Mark Twain, Edison, the financier Jack Morgan, the editor/technophile Hugo Gernsback, the conspirator Titus de Bobula and the millionaire John Hays Hammond Jr., Henry Ford and President Herbert Hoover, were real people) creating an enthralling world.

Nikola Tesla is the father of electricity generation and distribution systems. He registered over 300 patents across the world.

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Publishing date: | 432 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-6121-2 | Imprint: Booket

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