All Good and All Evil
Original title: Todo el bien y todo el mal

All Good and All Evil

Original title: Todo el bien y todo el mal

True love hides the biggest secret. Care Santos is back with a story that goes straight to the heart.

Reina is a strong, independent woman, a respected professional whose career is based on her uncanny ability to sniff out who is who and to know when people are lying to her. During a business trip, she receives the news that her one son, a teenager she had always thought was happy, has attempted suicide.

Overwhelmed by panic and the need to be by his side, she tries to make it back home, but a terrible winter storm leaves her stranded in Bucharest overnight. She is forced to wait it out, with nothing but her cellphone and her memories to help her try and understand what might have pushed her son to take such a choice. Her thoughts put her on the road to the truth, recollecting the people her son knew and the places he frequented, only to discover how little she really knows about him.

In this journey inside herself, she will reconstruct not only Alberto’s life, but also her own, interwoven with recollections of her ex-partner and her current husband, and in this way, we will come to know the fragile web of relationships that underpins her life.

Highlights All Good and All Evil


Care Santos has written a novel of the sensations, decisions and difficult relationships that a perfectly imperfect woman must face.

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Written both in Catalan and Spanish.

Rights sold

Humanitas (Romania).

Option publishers

Salani (Italy), Sonia Draga (Poland), Smart Books (Bulgaria).

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Publishing date: | 400 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-5633-1 | Imprint: Booket

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