Everyone Lies To The Night
Original title: Todos mienten a la noche

Everyone Lies To The Night

Original title: Todos mienten a la noche

A moving autofiction, full of secrets and love, written with the author’s heart on her sleeve.

Piedmont, 1861. After an unexpected death, young Eufrosine takes the decision to leave behind the poverty of rural Italy and embark with her fiancé Vicenzo for America, a land full of hope. But it won’t be easy: her father, a violent, dominating man, will try with any means possible to keep his daughter from leaving. Crippled with pain, Eufrosine will get her revenge and will flee to Argentina. She leaves behind in Italy a life of abuse, death, and despair. In pain and resistance, she will forge a saga of strong women in Argentina.

With Eufrosine, great-great-great grandmother of Ángela Cremonte, the author extends a bridge that crosses geographies and epochs to speak of the essence of life: love, solidarity, sisterhood, feminism, willpower, loss, emigration, freedom, fear, family, childhood, male chauvisim, and the fleeting idea of home.

Everyone Lies To The Night is a family saga covering three distinct eras (the nineteenth century, the end of the twentieth century, and the present) on two continents: America (Argentina) and Europe (Italy and especially Spain).

Highlights Everyone Lies To The Night


Ángela Cremonte possesses a devastating and personal voice it is impossible to resist.

A marvelous and delicate novel, intimate, deep, and brutal in tone that stresses the important role and value of women. A moving family story, open-hearted, full of secrets and surprises.

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Publishing date: | 320 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-23780-8 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta