Three and a bit dwarves
Original title: Tres enanos y pico

Three and a bit dwarves

Original title: Tres enanos y pico

Wifo is a young human Humanities student who, to complete his studies, must go on a trip to Rumbleton to study the customs of the dwarves, an aggressive race whose culture is very different from that of humans. Wifo will have to overcome his mother Isabella’s firm opposition to the trip and suffer the vagaries of a capricious grant system that will ultimately decide whether he must go to hostile territory or somewhere more befitting his weak, cowardly nature. Eventually, in spite of his misgivings, Wifo finds himself travelling to the dwarf city to work on his thesis. His objective is either to debunk or confirm the rash of stereotypes that humans believe about dwarves. But what the young human doesn’t know is that Rumbleton will play a very different role to that he had in mind: during his stay, the combative dwarves will have to deal with a powerful army of orcs and trolls created by alchemists. The new, very destructive race lays siege to the city. Wifo, three dwarves and Isabella, Wifo’s mother, will organize its defence.

Highlights Three and a bit dwarves


A hilarious parody of the Epic Fantasy.


Both epic fantasy fans and more general readers will love this novel, an unforgettable mixture of humour and fantasy with a host of great characters.

The protagonists are a prototypical human antihero and three dwarves.

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Publishing date: | 480 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-17113-3 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta