A Refuge for Clara
Original title: Un refugio para Clara

A Refuge for Clara

Original title: Un refugio para Clara

One rainy afternoon, Clara loses control of her car and, in the subsequent crash, her daughter Belén suffers serious injuries, leaving her a paraplegic. The agonizing hours in the hospital, the days her daughter spent in a coma, the months of rehabilitation trying to help the child to recover some semblance of normality, show Clara that she can somehow summon the strength to face up to the tragedy, but she is nonetheless weighed down by exhaustion and the blame of her ex-husband who is completely insensitive to her pain.

When Belén goes on a school trip, Clara is finally able to take a break and goes to the Pyrenees in search of peace. But she loses her way in a snow storm and is forced to take refuge with a brusque, taciturn man, Eric, who offers her help but is clearly annoyed by her presence.

The time they spend in the cabin together, isolated from the world, will be days of mutual confessions and large and small intimacies between two wounded souls with a strong will to live. And they will also be days of great discoveries, of bodies and hearts and the revelation that there is nothing more erotic than love.

Highlights A Refuge for Clara


There’s nothing as erotic as love.

An unconventional, passionate and sensual love story in which the author is able to transcend the romance narrative and address issues such as remorse, recovery, and difficult lives in a genuinely individual, powerful and optimistic manner.

Extraordinary empathetic characters and a well-measured, absorbing rhythm make for an addictive read.

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Publishing date: | 448 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-4711-7 | Imprint: Ediciones Destino