The Espaisucre Creative Method
Original title: El Método Espaisucre
Category: Gastronomy

The Espaisucre Creative Method

Original title: El Método Espaisucre
Category: Gastronomy

The book of the pioneering and prestigious gastronomic method of sweet cuisine that is a reference worldwide.

The Espaisucre Method is a unique, exclusive, nationally and internationally recognized teaching system of high prestige based on three basic principles: the choice of ingredients, technique and presentation.

This book is the guide to this method, where the entire creative process is thoroughly analyzed, and which will help you to understand and order the multiple micro decisions that must be taken at the moment of creation.

The method has been developed for more than twenty years by Jordi Butrón, the alma mater of the school, winner of the award for Best Pastry Chef in Catalonia and the National Gastronomy Award for Best Pastry Chef in Spain, and with the soul of a teacher and a degree in Education. His time at great restaurants such as El Bulli, Pierre Gagnaire, Hotel de Crillon or Michel Bras has allowed him to acquire both a classical and avant-garde training, teachings that he applied to create in 2000 the world’s first dessert restaurant.

This commemorative work of the 20 years of Espaisucre is a veritable immersion in the fabulous world of pastry in a didactic, practical and accessible way for both professionals and amateurs. It presents a complete range of samplings of the main taste associations presented in different formats, demonstrating the ways in which taste can be played with.

Highlights The Espaisucre Creative Method


Jordi Butrón is the world’s genuine pioneer of haute cuisine desserts.


Espaisucre is the first dessert restaurant in the world, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2020.


An introduction to the method and the gastronomic educational system of the prestigious Espaisucre school, with the basic theory and all the practical applications of the method to the different types of sweet cuisine.


Burtón has been awarded the Prize for the Best Pastry Chef of Catalonia and the National Gastronomy Prize for the Best Pastry Chef of Spain.

A book that is tremendously didactic, practical, formative, useful and easy to understand and apply, to dismantle the myth that pastry and confectionery are complicated activities, for professionals and amateurs.

“Jordi Butrón has written a brilliant textbook, precise, in a genuine and sincere style, sweet and spicy, serene and passionate.”

Joan Roca


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Publishing date: | 360 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-23121-9 | Imprint: Planeta Gastro