Original title: Taberna
Category: Gastronomy


Original title: Taberna
Category: Gastronomy

The book of the Taberna Arzábal, the representatives of the best contemporary Spanish cuisine, is a tribute to the simplicity and gastronomic tradition of our country.

In this book you will find the work and soul of the tavern owners Iván Morales and Álvaro Castellanos. A decade after starting their career in Madrid’s Retiro neighborhood, today they have become a national gastronomic reference, taking the tavern concept to a higher level. Quality product and tradition have always accompanied them, so they wanted to reflect in these pages a culinary journey through the most representative dishes of Spanish cuisine.

You will immerse yourself in their history, their knowledge, their concerns, and their passion for cooking. You will learn to better understand the flavors, the seasons, the ingredients... to enjoy good food, the perfect tapas and after-dinner chats.

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With a prologue by Pepe Rodríguez (MasterChef).


More than a hundred recipes of genuine traditional Spanish cuisine, with classic dishes, vegetables, raw foods, seafood, meat, game, stews and desserts.


Taberna Arzábal, with four establishments located in the capital of Madrid, has become a must-visit place for all lovers of the best contemporary Spanish cuisine, awarded with a Sol by the Repsol Guide.


Arzábal received the Metrópoli award as Madrid’s revelation restaurant in 2010, has been considered by CNN as one of the 10 best tapas bars in Madrid and as one of the best places to savor authentic Spanish cuisine according to The New York Times.

“Iván Morales and Álvaro Castellanos have found the formula for a successful tavern. A simple formula that involves doing things well.”


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Publishing date: | 232 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-24219-2 | Imprint: Planeta Gastro