Against separatism
Original title: Contra el separatismo

Against separatism

Original title: Contra el separatismo

Taking the shape of a pamphlet, this book aims to be a direct blow to the foolishness of separatisms. Separatism is not a political opinion or a romantic dream, unlike nationalism, but a deliberate, calculated and coordinated aggression against the democratic institutions and against the citizens who regard them as theirs. It is not just a delirium slightly serious, but a full-fledged attack at the core of our guarantee of citizenship, the rule of law. One can coexist with the nationalists with some patience and sense of humour; but with the separatists there is no other possible arrangement than to force them to give up their purposes.

There is something especially malignant about separatism, even from a mythical-religious perspective. The Devil is etymologically the separator, dia-bolum, the one who disunites and breaks the established ties. The diabolic task is the quintessential anti-mankind misdeed, to separate those who live together and to force them to detest one another, to move on: to sow discord, to tear hearts apart. It is very unfortunate that many small and large separatisms find fertile ground in Spain, to the point that any regional symbol is seen as something liberating, progressive, by the left and assimilated left: this is proof that we have a country full of devils...

Fernando Savater is someone who could not remain silent about the situation that Spain is facing now, having fought all excess of totalitarianism with the reason as his weapon during most of his life.

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