The Bomb Builder and the Butterfly
Original title: El artificiero y la mariposa
Category: Non-Fiction
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The Bomb Builder and the Butterfly

Original title: El artificiero y la mariposa
Category: Non-Fiction

The Bomb Builder and the Butterfly tells the story of Bimorí, a trapeze artist who has an accident during a show: dressed in her butterfly costume, she falls from twelve meters and goes into a coma... the very day she finds out she is pregnant.

During a fantastical journey, she will meet characters that include a cat dressed as a lumberjack, a magician, a fortune teller, a dream interpreter, a pirate, and a giant turtle that runs at high speed, and they will help her find her way back home.

An inspirational novel in the form of a travelogue we will enjoy as much as The Wizard of Oz, The Princess Who Believed in Fairy Tales or The Knight in Rusty Armor. With touches of dreamlike fantasy in the style of Alice in Wonderland, this work, destined to become a modern classic, tells us the importance of knowing our nature and leaving behind inherited patterns to find our own path and enjoy life in full possession of our freedom.


A fable of self-discovery, a hypnotic and inspiring tale, a fantastic journey in search of our true nature that reminds us of the importance of being true to ourselves.

From the author of the international phenomenon The Grandmother Who Rode a Bicycle Across the World, translated into 10 languages

Is it possible for an adult to come to understand that the greatest gift they can give themselves and those who come after is the chance to know their true nature and the possibility of holding onto it freely throughout their life?

I had the opportunity to realize this through the story of my daughter Perla. She was the one who told me the story I am about to share with you.

I was lying on a bed after an accident when I fell from high up (I was a trapeze artist by profession). I was soaring twelve meters when I plunged into the void. When I hit the ground, I fractured my skull and fell into a deep coma.


I can’t say how, but the words of my seven-year-old daughter––who remained standing beside my bed and never abandoned me––penetrated my sedated, anesthetized, numbed brain. Perhaps it was the love she felt for her dying mother that made it possible.

I hoped that same love could bring me back to life.

In any case, I will try to transcribe the story Perla told me. That way I will remember her forever.


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Thiele Verlag (Germany), Bard Publishers (Bulgaria), Dioptra (Greece), Presença (Portugal), Alma Littera (Lithuania), Vallardi (Italy), Shogakukan (Japan), Michel Lafon (France).

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Publishing date: | 192 pages | ISBN: 978-84-1119-056-5 | Imprint: Diana