Mind Control
Original title: El dominio mental

Mind Control

Original title: El dominio mental

Mind geopolitics.

After the success of How To Rule The World and World Domination, Pedro Baños turns his attention here to the techniques power utilizes to control our emotions, because whoever can control the emotions of other people can determine the decisions they take.

Power, as a structure of mass control, realizes that people can be manipulated by suggestive contagion, that they are happy in a state of submission, and that they demand illusions, fantasies, and affection. To achieve this mental dominion, there exist sophisticated techniques like brainwashing, which requires repetitive indoctrination, the monopoly and control of information and communications, the abolition of critical thinking, the reinforcement of group and emotional dependency, the modification and restriction of diet (reduction in glucose and proteins), and depersonalization.

Today these actions are much more simple thanks to technological advancements, and they will soon became even easier, thus allowing the powerful to achieve absolute dominion over the populace.

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Epsilon Yayinevi (Turkey), Popuri (Russia).

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