The Palestinian
Original title: El Palestino

The Palestinian

Original title: El Palestino

After six years infiltrating various terrorist organisations under the cover of the fictitious identity of Muhammed Abdallah, arises The Palestinian (‘El Palestino’), a startling chronicle in which the well known investigative journalist, Antonio Salas, tells us of his time living on the edge. In it he attempts to reveal to his readers what is true or false in the terrifying news which hits us day after day regarding the rising violence in the world. Spain, Palestine, Israel, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, Mauritania, Venezuela, Egypt, Sweden and Lebanon are the settings for this unprecedented investigation, so valuable it goes beyond the limits of paper.

Salas made himself known through Diario de un skin, published in 2003. For more than a year he infiltrated into the neonazi movements in Spain to explain how they work from the inside. Later on he infiltrated in the international prostitution rings and wrote El año que trafiqué con mujeres. Now, he has infiltrated for six years in the deepest of international terrorist networks.

After six years of travelling around thirteen countries and four continents and spending “up to the last penny and up to the last drop of energy and strength”, Antonio Salas has described his experiences as a mole in the networks of international terrorism. A thorough investigation with surprising revelations.

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Italy, Portugal, Poland. Audiovisual rights optioned.

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Publishing date: | 720 pages | ISBN: 978-84-8460-859-2 | Imprint: Ediciones Martínez Roca

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