Original title: Elevate
Category: Non-Fiction


Original title: Elevate
Category: Non-Fiction

At school and at home, they taught us rules, they told us what was right and wrong, what to do and how to do it, they loved us, more or less, they told us what we could and ought to do, what we couldn’t and shouldn’t… and we believed them.

But they never told us about the enormous potential and value each and every one of us possesses, and how to make it flourish so we could achieve complete happiness. They never explained to us the simple tools we have in our hands to define what we want in every essential aspect of our lives, and then to achieve it. They didn’t teach us to be captains of our ship, owners of our destiny… Most of us became adults without ever learning.

In Elevate, you will discover the transformative and creative power of thinking and will begin to master what you think and feel; you will ask the right questions about what you want in every area of your life (your body, your relationships, your career, your finances…); you will set goals and will understand the power of visualization and gratitude; and you will form the habits that will help you achieve results quickly. With newfound strength, you will dare to tackle challenges you used to think impossible.

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This book will help you ask yourself what you want, analyze obstacles, set goals… and will teach you the tricks and routines to achieve them.


A journal of personal construction that will put your heart, mind, and will to the test. It is a complete life tool: you can write your lists of wishes, goals, plans, reasons to be grateful…

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Publishing date: | 200 pages | ISBN: 978-84-08-20150-2 | Imprint: Editorial Planeta