Artificial Intelligence
Original title: Inteligencia artificial
Category: Non-Fiction

Artificial Intelligence

Original title: Inteligencia artificial
Category: Non-Fiction

Data is the fuel of artificial intelligence. It reveals so much about our behavior and interactions and how we relate to our environment that knowledge of data can transform the lives of millions of people. This requires the help of powerful computers and sophisticated statistical techniques, in conjunction with artificial intelligence.

Almost all important human problems can be addressed using data and artificial intelligence. Right now, artificial intelligence algorithms are trying to predict your next move, learning how to drive and fighting cancer. This data can help prevent disease, epidemics and disasters, enable people with disabilities to live better lives, optimize scarce resources and work for inclusion, security and equity.

This fascinating book offers a journey through the history of data, an extraordinary look at how it works, a mapping of networks, a portrait of macro-data gurus and the future of the Internet of things and artificial intelligence.

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The impact of artificial intelligence will be greater than that of electricity or fire.

“In this book, in contrast to so many others, Pablo shows us some of the glimmers of hope to raise the ethics of the use of data and artificial intelligence, opening up a new approach to the man-machine relationship.”
Jon Crowcroft (Professor at The Alan Turing Institute and the University of Cambridge)

“Our team is constantly impressed with Pablo’s vision of the future, and how artificial intelligence and data science can play a role in creating a more equitable world... if used correctly. As we seek to address some of the most difficult situations facing humanity, these tools will be critical to ensure that the future is just and we don’t end up divided.”
Chris Fabian (Director of Innovation, UNICEF)

“Pablo describes in this book how data scientists and artificial intelligence allow machines to do more and more complex jobs, automatically translate between languages, or create avatars and digital assistants, and this is just the beginning!”
Ralf Herbrich (Director of Machine Learning at Amazon)

“Pablo offers us a pause to reflect on what artificial intelligence is, where it is present, how it will impact us in the short and medium term, and where it is taking us. But the most interesting thing is that he does so without leaving aside the ethical aspects that we will undoubtedly have to resolve with a new framework of digital values that catalyzes the idea that the future is to get the best out of people and machines to build a better and more just society."
José María Álvarez-Pallete (Chairman of Telefónica)

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Publishing date: | 304 pages | ISBN: 978-84-234-2944-8 | Imprint: Deusto