Joselito, The Real Thing
Original title: Joselito

Joselito, The Real Thing

Original title: Joselito

He grew up on the street, in the emotional storm of a broken home, among drugs and crime in a backwater Madrid neighbourhood. An orphan and rebel with a bunch of causes, he was just twelve years old when he swerved to avoid the goring of his own future. At bullfighting school he found the warmth of a new family, channelled his wild horse rage and discovered the values that would lead him to define an era of bullfighting.

Now retired from the ring, a character who has always been described as enigmatic, exposes himself with never before told revelations about himself and his past. His most intimate and difficult experiences; the secrets to his successes and failures; the whys and wherefores of his captivating personality and his rebelliousness against the established order. Here, the Joselito who awoke passions, the truest and most authentic Joselito, shows his face and bares his breast once more.

“If I hadn’t fought to be a matador, by now I’d be in prison or dead from an overdose,” this is the direct, honest beginning by José Miguel Arroyo, Joselito, as he reveals his most intimate experiences.

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Éditions Verdier (France).

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Publishing date: | 200 pages | ISBN: 978-84-670-0284-3 | Imprint: Espasa

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