New Good Men
Original title: Nuevos hombres buenos

New Good Men

Original title: Nuevos hombres buenos

What is it to be a man? What is expected of me? Am I a just man? Can I change? Should I change? How do I relate to other men? To women? Am I a good father? Are my relations with the women around me equal? Am I sexist?

The colossal transformation of women’s roles has given rise to a new reality, with changes that run so deep they have made the pillars of the system quake, with new identities and new ways of relating and of coming together. Don’t be mistaken: the crisis of the XXI century is the great dilemma of masculinity. Men are in crisis, and masculinity, too.

It is very likely that now, for the first time in human history, the climate and conditions are favorable for change, for a deep and irreversible transformation. We are facing a moment rife with contradiction, but above all with transition. All this has brought us to a point where it is time to build up the trust we need and want for men and women to reach a new pact for living together: more just, more peaceful, and more beautiful than the one before.

A manual for how to be a man in an equal world.

After the avalanche (and the successes) of books about feminism, this is a book about the kind of masculinity that a world based on equality should strive for.

An accessible, endearing, pleasant book with a positive message, written by someone who practices this new model of masculinity in his everyday life.

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Publishing date: | 392 pages | ISBN: 978-84-9942-649-5 | Imprint: Ediciones Península

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