Templos del Producto - The Spanish Food Temples for the Extreme Produce
Original title: Templos del producto
Category: Non-Fiction

Templos del Producto - The Spanish Food Temples for the Extreme Produce

Original title: Templos del producto
Category: Non-Fiction

Beyond its leadership in modernist cuisine, Spanish geography offers the most extraordinary concentration of quality food ingredients one (chef or amateur) can imagine. it is the lost paradise for sourcing fresh produce and coming from all corners just for having the ultimate food experience: from fish to meat, shellfish or game. Legandary turbot at Elkano, baby eels at Etxebarri or red shrimp at El Faralló, are iconic to gastro amateurs. These are The Temples that offer plus.

Join two of the most respected gastronomists on this search of plus produce. Academy members Borja Beneyto and Carlos Mateos travel through Spain and unveil the benchmark for any product, beyond stars and lists. Discover the stories behind the passionate restaurateurs and their trusted sources of premium produce. Introducing a premium edition, with more than 300 photographs, hall-of-fame of specialties and tips for gastro touring.

A tribute to 14 cult restaurants by the gourmets @Matoses and @MisterEspeto

Highlights Templos del Producto - The Spanish Food Temples for the Extreme Produce


The first monographic book entirely dedicated to the best restaurants in Spain.


Written by two of the most respected food critics of the moment, accompanied by extraordinary photographs by Joan Pujol-Creus, graphic author of the latest books by El Celler de Can Rosa, Óscar Velasco and Canaille. 


A book that shares more than 20,000 km travelled during 24 months to experience firsthand and share an unrepeatable adventure with all its rigor, closeness and graphic treatment. 


The book includes revealing testimonials from the protagonists, customers and professionals, and the addresses of today’s most exciting gastronomic secrets. 


With a prologue by Pascal Barbot. 

 “Product Temples will undoubtedly be a reference for all Spanish chefs and amateurs, but also for those of us who appreciate their products from far away”.

PASCAL BARBOT, L’Astrance, Paris

“A book by craftsmen astute in their ecosophy, who discover the enchantment of treasures safeguarded in purity, with a heartfelt, obsessive approach, that worships the most delicious transparency. An ode to the ancient ideal of intimate, intuitive and poetic wisdom of the product and its human geography.”

JOSEP ROCA , El Celler de Can Roca, Girona

“Spain has a unique diversity of terroirs and marine ecosystems, from the Atlantic to the vast expanse of the Mediterranean coast. This richness, together with a deep tradition and appreciation of its products and gastronomy, makes Spain one of the world’s paradises for food lovers of the finest product.

MIKAEL JONSSON, Hedone, London

“I am totally convinced that Spain is home to some of the best products in the world, such as the unrivalled Iberian ham, and for this reason I have always had and will always have the utmost respect for Spanish producers and chefs.


“The product is blood, it is religion. Chefs who sin with lustful dreams, but who only caress, always respectful, in their humble temples with passionate kitchens. A product that is a flag. We are a nation.”

JOSÉ ANDRÉS , ThinkFoodGroup, Wahington DC

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