Conscientious Vegetarians
Original title: Vegetarianos concienciados
Category: Non-Fiction

Conscientious Vegetarians

Original title: Vegetarianos concienciados
Category: Non-Fiction

More and more people are following a vegetarian diet and their needs are increasingly being met by the market. But today there are new dangers arising from a food industry willing to sell its ultra-processed vegetarian products and we are faced with situations where finding a vegetarian (and healthy) option can become a real ordeal. Company dinners, Sunday at your in-laws’ house, your best friend’s birthday... And now what do I eat?

Packed with quick and easy recipes and tips for surviving at home and abroad, this book will become not only the reference manual for anyone who has decided to follow a vegetarian diet, but also the perfect gateway for those who still doubt its viability.

Highlights Conscientious Vegetarians


Vegetarianos con ciencia, the author’s previous book, has sold more than 11,000 copies. 


It is possible to follow a scientifically endorsed, healthy and balanced vegetarian diet.


Conscientious Vegetarians will help us to defend ourselves from advertising pressures and environments that make it increasingly difficult to follow a vegetarian lifestyle.  

After the success of Vegetarianos con ciencia, with more than 11,000 copies sold, the author of the most visited vegetarian food blog in Spain presents a practical guide that will help us to follow a complete and balanced vegetarian diet.

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Publishing date: | 248 pages | ISBN: 978-84-493-3510-5 | Imprint: Ediciones Paidós

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