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Unfinished business in education

Editorial: Ediciones Paidós
Temática: Para padres | Educación
Colección: Paidos Educacion
Traductor: Magdalena Zorraquin
País de publicación: Argentina

Sinopsis de Unfinished business in education:

Learning from experience: successes and failures from 31 former ministers

“Daily fast-pace does not always allow us to stop and think about the direction of the educational task. However, the goal cannot be to return to “normalcy” because many children did not find it useful. We have to reimagine education as some - thing better than what it used to be. This book is an invitation to do so”. Arne Duncan, former U.S. secretary of Education in the Obama administration “31 candid interviews with expert sources from all over the world. Decades of experience: Porres conducts a global cho - rus of voices that places children back at the center of the education conversation. Again and again, we are reminded that the path to achieve quality education is found in the full development of teachers”. Maggie MacDonnell, winner of the Global Teacher Prize 2017 “We have to deepen the dialogue to understand what has worked and what we have to keep thinking about. As a socie - ty, we have to listen to all voices and take on this enormous challenge that lies ahead. The crisis challenges us to think calmly and act decisively. Agustin invites us to that conversa - tion with that double rhythm of vision and thinking about the long term”. Stefania Giannini, UNESCO Assistant Director-General for Education

eBook (Epub 2)
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Sobre el autor de Unfinished business in education

© Martín Pravata

(Buenos Aires, 1984) Estudió Filosofía en la Universidad Católica Argentina, donde también realizó un posgrado en Política, Gobierno y Administración. Es magister en políticas públicas de la McCourt School of Public Policy de Georgetown University.
Es director regional para América Latina de Fundación Varkey, organización dedicada a celebrar y empoderar la profesión docente en el mundo. Trabajó en el Ministerio de Educación de la ciudad de Buen...

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Fecha de publicación: | Idioma: Inglés | ISBN: 978-950-12-0380-6 | Código: 10286391 | Presentación: Epub 2 | Colección: Paidos Educacion | Traductor: Magdalena Zorraquin | Sentido de lectura: Occidental

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