Andrés Trapiello
Andrés Trapiello ©Javier Burbano
©Javier Burbano

Andrés Trapiello

Manzaneda de Torío, León, 1953

Andrés Trapiello was born in León in 1953 and since 1975 he has lived in Madrid. The author of many fiction and journalistic works, for which he has received several awards, including the Premio Nadal 2003 for Los amigos del crimen perfecto (Friends of the Perfect Crime; National Prize for the Best Foreign Novel, Peking, 2005), and the Prix Littéraire Européen Madeleine Zepter, Paris, 2005, for the best foreign novel for Al morir don Quijote (After the Death of Don Quixote). He recently published a new edition of Las armas y las letras (Weapons and Letters, 2010), a book of poems, Segunda oscuridad (Second Darkness, 2012) and his latest novel, Ayer no más(Just Yesterday), which received universal critical praise.