Sebastián Álvaro
Sebastián Álvaro

Sebastián Álvaro (Madrid, 1950) is a journalist and creator of Al filo de lo imposible, one of Spain’s most prestigious television programs. For more than thirty years he has been the greatest expedition leader of adventures; he has undertaken more than two hundred expeditions and made more than three hundred documentaries in the most inaccessible places on Earth, from the ascent of the fourteen summits that exceed eight thousand meters to the crossings to the North and South Poles.

The documentaries of Al filo de lo imposible have won awards at the world’s most important film and television festivals. Among the awards are two medals at the New York International Festival, two gold medals at the Hamburg Festival, two awards at the Banff, Calcutta and Torelló festivals, two Ondas Awards, nine ATV Awards and the Allegria Award from the Association of Mountain and Adventure Festivals.