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30 maneras de quitarse el sombrero / 30 Ways to Doff your Hat
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30 maneras de quitarse el sombrero / 30 Ways to Doff your Hat


30 Ways to Doff Your Hat is a selection of thirty articles in which Elvira Lindo portrays female artists, painters, writers, actresses, and photographers who pursue their work at the margins of the conventional male canon that looms over society, and who have managed to make their mark doing so.

Elvira Lindo, one of the most distinguished figures on the contemporary Spanish scene, retraces her path in life and in art, incorporating her own self-portrait into this pantheon of female artists. The author’s voice is the guiding thread that runs through each of these essays: through her experience, through her gaze, Elvira Lindo invites the reader to analyze the era and the accomplishments of these pioneering women whose brilliance, tenacity, and free spirit led them to blaze new trails for future generations.

Throughout history, many women have felt obliged to doff their hat before rules imposed by a society that has isolated them from the male-dominated intellectual community. In this narrative mosaic, Elvira Lindo’s astonishing prose reveals her boundless empathy, erudition, and eclectic and inquisitive spirit.


Prologue by Elena Poniatowska.

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Highlights 30 Ways to Doff your Hat


Winner of the 1998 National Prize for Children’s and YA Literature and the 2005 Biblioteca Breve Prize.

“One of those writers who seem to slip into the bodies of their characters with a naturalness that starts from the ground up. She keeps her ear to the streets, juggles with language, with a deep understanding of children and a grasp of ordinary people.”
Jesús Ruiz Mantilla, Babelia.

“The remarkable thing about Manolito is how he calls to mind not only the heroes of children’s and YA literature, but also the great figures of literature in general.”
El País. 

“One of the most beloved children in Spanish literature.”
Vanity Fair.

“There is evident storytelling talent here, and an excellent ear for weaving together melodrama and humor.”
María José Obiol, Babelia (El País).

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Publishing date: | 288 pages | ISBN: 978-84-322-3431-6

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