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Alejandro Magno y las águilas de Roma / Alexander the Great and the Roman Eagles
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Alejandro Magno y las águilas de Roma / Alexander the Great and the Roman Eagles


Six years after his murder attempt and after almost two decades of incessant campaigns in Asia and Greece, Alexander has turned his eyes on the Western riches. The only obstacle against his way to control the known world is the greatest military power of Italy, a city that, like Alexander himself, is convinced of its own destiny: Rome. It’s the time to decide who holds supremacy in the Mediterranean, the Macedonian phalanxes or the Roman legions. The augurs and prophets warn about great catastrophes, for the Icarus comet, the one that appeared when Alexander was reborn in Babilon, is growing night after night on the sky. Worse yet, the calculations of the outlandish astronomer Euctemo predict that, like in the Greek myth, Icarus will fall on Earth. Meanwhile, Alexander and Rome are about to fight the great battle of the Antiquity by the hillsides near the Vesuvius mountain.

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L'Atalante (France), Psichogios (Greece).

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Publishing date: | 496 pages | ISBN: 978-84-450-7648-4

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