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Algo tan parecido al amor / Something that Feels Like Love
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Algo tan parecido al amor / Something that Feels Like Love


How many different types of love do exist? Which love is the best, the truest, the most satisfying? That of the devoted wife? The self-denying lover? The adulterer? The companion or the friend? And, above all, which of them will make us happier? The love life of three friends, as well the affairs of the many other characters that surround them, is the vehicle that the author uses to brilliantly reflect the emotional ups and downs that nestle in the hearts and the minds of men and women everywhere. The doubts, fears, loyalties and infidelities… the uneasy search for happiness that forces us to traverse the uneven ground of emotions.

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This direct and incisive novel reflects the most intimate thoughts of readers today.

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Publishing date: | 272 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-3907-5

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