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Anarquismo / Anarchism
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Anarquismo / Anarchism


Anarchism stands out from other ideologies for one clear reason: expressing it in theory means exercising it in practice. An anarchist, cooperative, sharing, individual, nature-loving, atheist, neo-Malthusian and humanitarian person can always behave as such in public and private life and in any environment. They just have to energetically challenge all forms of authority and inequality. This is why anarchism can appear during periods of major social upheaval or relatively calm ones, in industrial and agricultural areas, in big cities or deep mines, always uttering the same slogan: “Against all authority.” That is the strength of anarchism, its powerful ideological, vital foundation. This book seeks to forge new paths and leave a guide for explorers seeking to map a path for their dissidence. Signs that indicate the way forward, helping disobedience, constructive criticism, intelligent satire and mental lucidity stand out in times of confusion.

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“Within Humanity, there are two kinds of people: the kind who obey and seek to be obeyed, and those who defy authority. Their maxim is Liberty.” – Mikhail Bakunin

Vilified, side-lined and rubbished, today anarchism is the only idea capable of producing real social change.

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Publishing date: | 272 pages | ISBN: 978-84-344-1788-5