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Aprender a relajarse en casa / Relaxing at Home. Revised edition
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Aprender a relajarse en casa / Relaxing at Home. Revised edition


Anxiety, tension, nervousness, stress, four moods which are becoming more common because of our hectic lives. Do you know what type of massage prevents anxiety and depression? What body position completely renews your energy, or how you should breathe to combat pain? The simple techniques contained in Relaxing at Home are an effective method of fi nding inner peace, harmony, emotional and physical health. Over 100 exercises, explained step by step, to help you reach a better balance in your life.

Highlights Relaxing at Home. Revised edition


Meditation, inner harmony and relaxation techniques.

This classic work by Ramiro Calle will help and guide us in our personal, working and everyday life. If we follow his instructions, we will be able to control our mind and achieve the inner peace we all need.

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Publishing date: | ISBN: 978-84-270-3668-0