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Comer sin miedo / Eat Without Fear
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Comer sin miedo / Eat Without Fear


Was the food of the past really better than it is now? Is it healthier to eat natural or ecological foods? Are we ingesting a lot of chemicals? Are additives poisoning us? Are there miracle diets or magic pills to help you lose weight? What will the food of the future be like? Is there an enzyme out there that can solve everything?
Comer sin miedo addresses these questions and many others related to food, it is a book that makes it clear that today, more than ever before in the history of humanity, we have the privilege of being able to eat without fear.

A book that counters the demonization of human involvement in foods, a practice that dates back to the origins of humanity and that today allows us to eat more healthily and safely than ever. A scientific argument that dispels myths including the enzyme factor and many more.

Ecological products aren’t always the best. This book debunks false myths about taste and excellence in products erroneously called natural.

A work that shows that we’ve never eaten safer foods, and that those who claim that we should eliminate certain foods from our diet (milk, for example) have no scientific basis to their arguments.

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Publishing date: | 264 pages | ISBN: 978-84-233-4756-8

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